Lawless Tech podcast with Toby Unwin

02 November 2018

Lawless Tech podcast with Toby Unwin

Premonition’s Toby Unwin: I Think the Fundamental Problem With Law Is That Financial Incentives Are Misaligned

Premonition Podcast with an AI on the future | Brandon Righi

12 April 2018

Premonition Podcast 9 : Brandon Righi, Program Manager, Risk and Insurance Management Society

Brandon explains more about the forthcoming RIMS2018 conference in San Antonio (15-18 April), at which Premonition will be exhibiting for the first time.

Premonition Podcast with an AI on the future | Greg Brown, Partner, Oxbow Partners | How insurance incumbents are engaging with their InsurTech future

05 April 2018

Premonition Podcast 8 : Greg Brown, Oxbow Partners

Oxbow Partners are global consultants to the insurance industry.  In this Podcast, we discuss where insurance incumbents are starting to engage, with their InsurTech future

Podcast With Stephen Turner

23 March 2018

Premonition Podcast 7 : Stephen Turner, Lawyers of Tomorrow

Stephen is a lecturer, non-practicing solicitor and very smooth podcaster.  Aside from our podcast love-in, we discuss a little about blockchain, and a lot about legal tech.

Premonition podcast with Professor Gillian Hadfield

06 March 2018

Premonition Podcast 6 : Professor Gillian Hadfield, University of Southern California

Gillian is not only a Professor of Law and Economics, but also the Author of “Rules for a Flat World”.  She explains more about the book, the reinvention of law, global hacks and the future role of quality and metrics in legal services.


08 February 2018

Premonition Podcast 5 : Jeff Seder, Moneyball for Horse Racing

Jeff is an ‘Entremanure’ and the Architect of Moneyball for Horse Racing, which he used to dazzling effect when spotting the potential in American Pharaoh, the first triple crown winner in decades


06 February 2018

Premonition Podcast 4 : Richard Tromans, ‘The Artificial Lawyer’

Richard is a prolific blogger and thought leader about the new wave of legal technology.  He joined the podcast to discuss Legal AI, what to expect in 2018 and what should be the reasons why we do, what we do.


09 January 2018

Premonition Podcast 3 : Dickie Whitaker, Oasis Loss Modelling

We talk with Dickie Whitaker, an expert on risk and innovation within the (re)insurance market, about the potential impact of data and analytics within the insurance industry.


13 December 2017

Premonition Podcast 2 : Ty Sagalow, Former CIO at AIG and Lemonade

Ty Sagalow is a multi award winning Insurance Industry veteran. Former CIO at AIG, employee no.3 with InsureTech pioneers at Lemonade, and now part of the team at Premonition.


20 September 2017

Premonition Podcast 1 : Guy Kurlandski, Premonition CEO

We launch the Premonition Podcasts by chatting with our very own CEO Guy Kurlandski.  He provides some background to the Premonition story, and thoughts about our future ambitions.  All this, against the backdrop and imminent arrival of Hurricane Irma.

05 June 2017

Selling Disruption Podcast

Disrupting with Artificial Intelligence to Win in Court.

26 May 2017

Trial Technology and Lit Support Podcast

Toby Unwin talks Premonition and big data.

24 August 2015

Daily Podcast #42 : Toby Unwin from Premonition on Big Data & Legal Procurement Transparency

Toby Unwin from Premonition speaks about how big data will change the way we select our lawyers.

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