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Legal Tech Market Map: 50 Startups Disrupting The Legal Industry

The legal technology industry is still nascent, but the industry has quietly built up a number of emerging categories over the last few years. With legal tech companies raising just $739M in aggregate funding since 2011, there is still a lot of opportunity to improve processes within a legal industry still attached ...
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Premonition: Artificial Intelligence Learns the Law

The impact of Big Data and analytics on society is impossible to overstate. Marketers pore over data sets to fine-tune their outreach while sportswriters apply sophisticated modeling to evaluate the contributions of baseball players; urban planners, anthropologists, political strategists and climatologists are just a few of the professions using the ...
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New Legal Analytics Software Identifies Successful Insurance Claims—before They Go to Court

Every day, tens of thousands of insurance claims are publicly filed in America’s courts, and each one quickly becomes part of Miami-based software firm Premonition AI’s database. Currently the largest such database in the world, it draws from over 3,000 courts across the country. Premonition’s machine-learning tool is capable of forecasting ...
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Top 100 Most Disruptive Legal Companies In 2017

Despite the outright technological revolution we’ve been experiencing since the turn of the century, the legal industry has been mind-bogglingly slow to adopt new innovations. However, despite the uphill battle which is legal innovation, there are plenty of companies out there doing their best to disrupt the industry and usher ...
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Why law is ‘leading the charge’ with technology

The law is miles ahead of other professional services when it comes to adopting smart technologies and using big data, according to a leading consultant. David Smith is the founding director of Smithink, a consultancy that advises businesses ranging from accounting practices to law firms on how they can improve their ...
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Crunch time: Artificial intelligence and objective analysis

The 2016 Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) report found that ‘the legal services sector is not working well for individual consumers and small businesses. These consumers generally lack the experience and information they need to find their way around the legal services sector and to engage confidently with providers’. Stating ...
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New Legal Analytics Survey Ranks Massachusetts Law Firms

Continuing its state-by-state series of surveys examining America's highest-volume law practices, Miami-based artificial intelligence firm Premonition AI has recently released its list for Massachusetts. Regularly ranked as one of the wealthiest and most-densely populated states in the Union, Massachusetts boasts a healthy legal sector. Somewhat surprisingly, however, Premonition's results show ...
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Legal Analytics Firm Brings ‘Very, Very Unfair Advantage in Litigation’ to Indian Courts

This week, Miami-based legal analytics firm Premonition AI announced the launch of Premonition India, a new venture with JV partner LQ Global Services’ Ram Jethmalani and Karan Kalia. Premonition boasts the world’s largest digital archive of court data, alongside a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence tool, which allows users to analyze the ...
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The State vs. the People: Legal Analytics Firm Reveals America’s Most-Litigious Government Bodies

Suing the government is, in some respects, the ultimate exercise of a citizen’s freedom from tyranny. In the United States, most levels of government enjoy sovereign immunity: that is to say, they cannot be sued unless the government specifically waives its own right to immunity or is found to have ...
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Artificial intelligence and robotics are developing in almost every field and providing a real benefit to society and professions. This article will examine some of the ways artificial intelligence is benefiting the legal profession, but, at the same time, producing real fears surrounding ethics and job replacement. The Richmond Journal of ...
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Legal technology, commonly known as LegalTech, refers to software that enable lawyers to do their jobs more efficiently and cost-effectively. Though very much an emerging sector, LegalTech already comprises a $16 billion market in the U.S and is growing. Undoubtedly the biggest change in this burgeoning market —taking lawyers by storm—is the rapid rise ...
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New Legal Survey Sheds Light on World of Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

In 2014, Atlanta-area healthcare network Gwinnett Hospital was hit with a $13.8 million medical malpractice verdict over its role in injuries suffered by a newborn delivered in its facilities. The jury determined that Gwinnett’s nurses and mid-wife had failed to properly monitor the infant’s vitals during the delivery, causing the ...
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