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There are over 15 million cases filed in the United States per year:

  • Federal PACER and State Appeals Courts account for just 3% of that total
  • the other 97% of cases are filed in over 3,124 state/county trial courts

Missing 97% of your cases? Here’s why…

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Premonition covers more state courts than all other Court Data providers combined.


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More Cases

Premonition has the world’s largest litigation database.

It utilizes Artificial Intelligence to add millions of cases per day.

Now you have access to more Court Data than ever before.

Better Data

There are over 3,124 civil courts in the US. All of these courts are sitting on different systems and utilizing different data formats.

Premonition normalizes the case data it extracts from each court and maps case types to insurance lines of business. It can deliver data via spreadsheet or API.

No more endless cutting and pasting to transfer data into a usable format.

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Claims Actuaries

Law Enforcement

Risk Managers

Hedge Fund Analysts

Background Investigators

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