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Lawyers By Win Rate TM


Get a list of your open cases with a simple “Traffic Light” scoring.

Identify which cases have a tough judge or opposing counsel, which ones are optimally staffed.

Great for: General Counsel, Claims Managers, Litigation Management, Insurance and Financial Analysts.


“Premonition brings unprecedented value to the insurance industry”

There has never been such a comprehensive litigation database for claims executives to compare combinations of attorney “win rates”, case types and different jurisdictions – until now.

“Premonition reviews combinations of attorney, case type and judge”

With the largest litigation database in the world and access to information on attorneys, case types, judges AND case duration, claims can determine why the “cheapest” attorney by rate, may not have the lowest legal fees per case.

“Prior to the Premonition database, most of the time was spent in negotiating rates”

The world’s largest litigation database has enhanced the way claims departments operate, making their job a whole lot easier.

96% of insurance company CEOs, believe that choosing a lawyer based on win rate by case type and judge, is superior to other alternatives

The World's Largest Litigation Database, Legal Analytics, Unfair advantage in Litigation

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